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  Games!   Create your own games with Blender 2.20
2001 03 16 
Bart Veldhuizen 
What is Blender?
Blender is the first and only professional quality 3D creation suite that fully integrates modelling, animation, rendering, post-production, game creation and game playback - all in one program. The only limitation is your imagination.

Download our Blender 2.1 datasheet PDF file below to get a overview of the features; to learn about the new features and fixes in our latest release, 2.12, please go here.


Blender is 100% freeware - you can download your copy from our Download Area. We have versions for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, IRIX, BeOS and Solaris. Worried about the download size of a full-featured 3D modeling, animation and game creation suite? Don't be! Blender fits on a floppy!

If you have any problems after installation, please consult our Support Pages.

Can't wait to get started? Then surf to to download the four fabulous game demos our content crew made.

Our four demo games
Our four demo games
These demofiles here describe the miscellaneous logic bricks of Blender's game engine - they're great for studying the principles of game creation in Blender!


If you have not used Blender before yet, please do the following tutorials first to get acquainted with the user interface and general modeling concepts.

- The Blender User Interface. This teaches you the basics of Blender's user interface.

- The Blender Windows. An overview of the different windowtypes that you can find in Blender.

- Navigating in 3D Space. Learn how to manipulate objects and the 3D view.

- Building a Castle. Basic object manipulation and mesh modeling.

- The Juicy Blender: Keyframe Animation. The tutorial to learn how to animate in Blender. Written by Robert Starr.

For all other modeling and animation related tutorials on our site, look here. A search engine for user contributed tutorials is available on

gameBlender Learning Path
So now you have some basic knowledge of Blender, it's time to get started on some game creation! We have prepared two tutorials for you that should get you started. More will follow in the near future and also keep your eye on our community - users are publishing tutorials on our discussion server on a regular basis!

- The Blender Game Engine. A basic overview of game development in Blender.

- Controlling a Dynamic Object. Teaches you how to add controls and motion to a game character.

- UV Mapping. Adding textures to game elements.

- User game tutorials(?) To get a full overview of all gametutorials on our site, look here. Again, you can search user contributed tutorials

Reference documentation
Carsten Wartmann, the author of the Blender Buch and of our new 2.0 Guide has been at it again! He prepared a 71-page reference to Blender's game functionality that answers all your questions about the logic bricks and python integration into the game engine.

You can find it @

GDC lecture
Gino van den Bergen is involved with the implementation of collision detection and physics in the Blender. He will give a lecture at the Game Developers Conference 2001 in San Jose, California. His GDC paper titled "Proximity Queries and Penetration Depth Computation on 3D Game Objects" can be downloaded below.

You can read his presentation below, and get the latest updates from Gino's personal homepage @