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  NaN News   Newsletter March 2001
2001 03 14 
Bart Veldhuizen 
It's been two months since you have last received your newsletter and many exciting things have happened in the mean time. Our next major release, Blender 2.12, is ready and as a community member you can download it together with some very cool demos before the official release next week - read below how to get them.

Also, we are preparing for the Game Developers Conference in San Jose next week where we will introduce the Game Channel Solution (GCS), NaN's answer for on-line multiplayer games. This and more in this newsletter - we hope you will enjoy it!


Download the 2.12 Brochure PDF below!
Download the 2.12 Brochure PDF below!
Blender 2.12
"Blender is one of the best 3D packages on any platform"
Linux Magazine, Editor's Choice Award 2000

We are proud to announce our next landmark, the release of Blender 2.12, an even more powerful graphical design tool for 3D interactive content creation and playback. Blender 2.12 has a smart set of game engine features, for example a physics simulation system that allow forces such as friction and gravity to effect objects in a way which resembles very closely real-life physics. Moreover, Python scripting in-game gives users the chance to fully define advanced game logic. Some of the new features include:

- Game engine allows interactive Scene change. Works great for levels or interfaces.
- Lamp colors and Object colors can be animated in a Game.
- Shrink/Fatten tool for scaling along the vertex-normals.
- UV texture mapping is 100% cyclic now (both for realtime texture and rendering).
- Extended pull-down menu system
- Python API improvements, both for import/export and game logic.
- 3D sound, including doppler effects

Blender 2.12 will be officially released at the Game Developer's Conference (GDC) 22-24 March, but we give you the priviledge of downloading it as of Friday, March 16th) from our web site at ! Don't forget to download the game demos mentioned below in 'New Web area with amazing demos and brochures' - you'll be blown away by them!

The Official Blender 2.0 Guide
We are pleased to announce that the new Blender 2.0 manual is now available in our e-shop. While based on Blender 2.0, this manual is suitable for modelling, rendering, linear animation and postproduction also with Blender 2.1 series. A basic introduction to Blender, a full reference section and numerous tutorials for beginners & advanced users are included. Further details can be found at Order your copy now!

Also, we still have copies available of the limited edition KA-RA ART BOOK, which has fabulous graphics from the renowned Japanese artist, Shigeto Maeda. You can see and order this unique product by clicking here:

NaN at GDC
NaN will participate in the Game Developer's Conference (GDC, in San Jose, California, 22-24 March 2001. You are warmly welcome to visit us at stand No 1710 as well as on our GDC web site at We also have a featured speaker, Dr. ir. Gino van den Bergen, at GDC, 24th March, from 9-10 a.m.

Gino is one of the Blender programmers, working on collision detection and physics-based simulation for 3D games. His lecture will discuss methods for detecting collisions and computing the distance and penetration depth on a large set of geometric objects. For more details, please click here

User Meeting in San Jose, March 21 2001
We are organising an informal Blender User Meeting in San Jose on at 4pm in the lobby of the San Jose Hilton Towers hotel. More etails will be available on our community homepage any day now.

NaN's GCS(tm)
NaN will also preview its Game Channel Solution(tm) (GCS) at GDC, which we expect to be a major breakthrough for the future of on-line multiplayer game provision.

The GCS is an efficient and profitable end-to-end solution for game content provision of multi-player, cross-platform services. The GCS includes optimised server technologies, branded channels of content and operational maintenance models for ISPs and network equipment providers.

CGI Magazine Who's Who, 2001
CGI Magazine Who's Who, 2001

"Computer Generated Imaging" Magazine is the leading business and technology magazine for professional users of computer graphics technology in Europe. The editorial team of CGI has chosen 50 companies who they believe will have a major influence on the graphics industry in 2001. This may be as a result of a company's products, their technology or that they are a company to watch. NaN is very proud to be acknowledged in this group!

CGI Magazine's Who's Who will be available at NAB (National Association of Broadcasters), Las Vegas, March 26th. It will also be distributed with the May issue of CGI Magazine.

Download our corporate brochure below
Download our corporate brochure below

New corporate web area
NaN has given its corporate web area a great new look and we invite you to see it at . The new pages will go live today!

In addition to layout changes, we have added two new fantastic demos. "Skate Girl" and "Mech Warrior", designed especially by our own content team to showcase Blender's new game engine. To download them, log in as a registered community user and surf to . Not a registered community member yet? Then click on the 'sign up' link in the navigation bar for a free account.

We have also published two new brochures. The corporate brochure explains NaN's mission and introduces Blender and GCS in a nutshell. The Blender 2.1 brochure highlights the new features of the software.

In addition, we have produced an A4 datasheet on game creation with Blender 2.1. You can download any of these from the new GDC section of our website at

The Community Journal
If you have been away from the Blender Community for a while and you would like to catch up, then have a look at our Community Journal. This weekly summary of all Blender Community activities features a remarkable art gallery, discussions of game creation techniques and interviews with both NaN employees and well-known Blender users.

You can find an overview of all the past issues here: