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  Blender 2.10   Christmas pre-release
2000 12 21 
Ton Roosendaal 
Blender 2.10 pre-release
We have been working very hard at Blender the last months. Mostly at replacing old code, for example the game engine has been rewritten completely. We needed to do this for many reasons; being able to work with a larger group of programmers, being able to extract a stand-alone (web) player, and graphics independency, to name a few. This process is still going on, but right now is good moment to share the current status with our users. It's nearly Christmas you know! :-)

  • Blender 2.10 Pre-release for Windows (zip)
  • Blender 2.10 Pre-release for Windows (installer)
  • Blender 2.10 Pre-release for Linux (static)
  • Blender 2.10 Pre-release for Linux (dynamic)
  • Blender 2.10 Pre-release for Linux Alpha (dynamic)
  • Blender 2.10 Pre-release for Linux PPC (static)
  • Blender 2.10 Pre-release for Linux PPC (dynamic)
  • Blender 2.10 Pre-release for FreeBSD (static)
  • Blender 2.10 Pre-release for FreeBSD (dynamic)
  • Blender 2.10 Pre-release for Solaris 2.6

    (Other versions will follow shortly)

  • 2.10 Demos (zip)
  • 2.10 Demos (tgz)
  • LogicBricks 2.10 (zip)
  • LogicBricks 2.10 (tgz)
  • Expressions
  • Physics FAQ
  • Python Documentation

  • The good news
    - Smarter engine! Sectors are not needed anymore. Instead a system based at "location managers" is included. Multiple of these managers are going to be used to define which parts of the world are drawn, or have to be evaluated for game-logic, or for light, audio, etc. Each "manager" will both have built-in defaults and is under full control of the user, to tweak for a specific environment. Currently the raw foundations for this system are in the engine. One of the Python demo's (get the 2.10 demo's) illustrate it.

  • 2.10 Demos (zip)
  • 2.10 Demos (tgz)

    - Real physics! The internal motion handling with forces and friction resembles real-life physics a lot better. This might be confusing in the beginning. But by tweaking the proper variables you can achieve amazing results. Check the physics faq!

    - Python logic! You now can use all information from sensors and control your Actuators as you want it yourself. No more tiresome programming with the logic editor in Blender... that it was never meant for. Documentation can be found here!

    - Expressions! For people not willing to use python there is a one-line-code option. Inside a logic brick (including a special Expression Controller) you can type simple lines of code to reduce complexity of your game logic. Check the examples.

    - Audio! Without sound there's no game. We've redesigned the audio implementation from scratch and in the near future we're going to have full blown 3D sound! For now Windows and Linux will start default with sound. If you want to disable the sound start blender with -noaudio. The delay on Windows is gone. OpenAL has got a DirectSound backend now and that really fixed the problem, except for NT... Another important fix is that with Blender running you can now have other sound (your cd player, winamp etc) as well. Also check out the new Sound buttons menu in Blender.

    - New Sensors and Actuators! Check the mouse sensor, the ray sensor, the motion actuator, and the random sensor and actuator.

    - Sensors now have sophisticated logic control, to invert signals or to pulse in a frequency. Check out the demonstrations in the LogicBricks files:

  • LogicBricks 2.10 (zip)
  • LogicBricks 2.10 (tgz)

    - And more! A windows installer, autostart mode, improved edge render, bug fixes, etc.

    Check the regular 2.10 release notes for more about this (scroll down).

  • The bad news
    - Compatibility with old game files (2.0x) is not achieved fully. Especially the physics and general math (for rotations for example) are different. In a follow-up release we will build in more conversion routines in Blender to read old files without the need to edit them. Files saved with 2.10 will remain compatible with future releases.
    - The SGI version needs a C++ library (, this is not default available at systems. We get rid of that a.s.a.p.
    - No BeOS version yet... too many compiler problems.
    - Executable size is larger... there's still a lot of old unused code in Blender, the new Python library is larger (temporally) and there's a lot of new code written as well.
    - Drawing speed has improved, but because the "Location Manager" is not built in yet (you can do it with Python however) large environments will be significantly slower.

    And an important 2.1 release remark:

    Since this is a test version only, not all planned features are included yet. This includes some of the nice features in 2.0x... here is a shortlist:

    - The shadow option for Actors doesnt work yet.
    - Halo's don't work yet.
    - "Object color" doesn't work yet.
    - An added dynamic Actor Object collides with its parent... for now this can only be solved with a workaround; use a parented Empty Object to add dynamic actors.
    - The Constraint Actuator doesn't do rotations yet.
    - The Camera Actuator doesn't check visibility of tha Actor yet.
    - The Scene Actuator is not implemented yet.
    - Pressing Spacebar doesn't stop the game in its current state.
    - known sound bug: if you play too many sounds of the type 'play end' the sound will stop.

    The python used in Blender has been upgraded to 2.0. This can give a few (not fatal) errors on startup. We will provide documentation how to solve it.

    I would like to give our team the credits for this release. In alphabetical order:

    Erwin Coumans: game engine architect and implementation.
    Frank van Beek: autostart, installer, audio, and release/bugs manager.
    Gino van den Bergen: collision detection and physics.
    Hans Lambermont: keeping Blender cross platform, and our Makefile guru!
    Jan-Paul Buijs: our new development manager. He makes sure we learn to plan and keep deadlines!
    Janco Verduin: audio and OpenAL.
    Jan Walter: Python reconstruction and integration.
    Njin-zu Chen: game engine features, renderer, quality.

    Lastly I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and all the best for an exciting new year!

    Ton Roosendaal
    Amsterdam december 21, 2000.

    2.10 Release notes
    --- Windows installer ---
    What happened to the windows zip file ? It was replaced by a self extracting executable. Blender for Windows now comes with an uninstaller, shortcuts in the start menu and a blender shortcut on your desktop.

    By default blender gets installed in c:Program FilesBlender. Bugs in Blender that prevented this in previous releases have been fixed. The installer also registeres blender as the default handler for .blend files. As an extra bonus you also get a very nice Blender file icon designed by Rob Debrichy.

    --- Blender registeres itself as executable for .blend files ---
    Blender for windows now has an extra commindline option -R . If you start blender with that commandline option, it reregisteres itself as the default executable for .blend files. This comes in handy if you want to go back to another Blender release.

    --- Blender configuration files ---
    Blender for Windows now installs your .B.blend and other configuration files in your Documents and Settings directory. Copy your old files to the new location if you want to preserve your settings, or set the environment variable %HOME% so it points to the old directory to have Blender keep on using the old files.

    --- autostart ---
    In the blender menu bar under Tools you'll find a new option: Enable Game Autosart. Blender will automaticaly start in fullscreen game mode whenever you pass such a file on the commandline. Or double click a blender file in Windows.

    You can still edit Autostart files by first starting blender, and then loading the file.

    --- known problems ---
    One of the known problems with the Windows installer is that it doesn't remove empty directories. If you uninstall Blender the blender directory remains with an empty Python directory.

    --- enhancements
  • by default set in face select vertex colors to 1.0 instead of 0.5
  • added -nosound option as an alias for -noaudio

    --- new features
  • blender stores .B.blend and other files in "%USERPROFILE%Application Data" directory
  • added -R commandline option (windows). Blender registeres itself as executable for the .blend file extension
  • added autostart option for games
  • Added colour for edges in toon-shading.
  • The command line option '-m' for enabling the unified renderer has been removed. Instead, this setting is part of the overall render settings, so it's saved per file.
  • new sound implementation. Delay on windows gone.
  • python 2.0 upgrade
  • python scripting in gameengine
  • CTRL+C (copy menu) now supports copying "logic bricks"
  • fixed problem with Number Menu's (NKEY)
  • add Image select window to load images in Image window

    --- fixed bugs
  • blender is linked to Mesa on linux-glibc
  • solid drawing mode didn't display material number 16
  • relative vertex key # 31 wasn't handled correctly
  • blender (windows) doesn't playback animation when there is a space in the pathname to blender executable
  • the tooltips in the infowindow are incorrect for some of the directory buttons
  • File->'Reopen Last' sometimes crashes (000822-01-file-reopen-crash.blend)
  • quiting vertexpaint with no object would crash blender
  • NEW Effect button allows adding Effects for objects that don't support it
  • near sensor didn't work properly in blender 2.04
  • rendering on sun was broken
  • CTRL+S now uses same untitled file as F2. This prevents accidental file overwrites
  • fixed incorrect rendering of halo's in the first pixel row of an image
  • when going out of playmode, samples keep playing
  • if blender is installed in 'C:Program Files' paying back an anim reports the error: 'C:Program' is not recognized as an internal or external command
  • blender gets confused when combining two flipper ipo's (001027-01-flipper-bug.blend)

    -------- Current ----------

    --- enhancement requests
  • redesign view buttons interface
  • blender uses 'Show Bounds' flag to visualy indicate that an object is a sector. Deactivating the sector button doesn't reset this flag. Solution: add a new drawing flag to an object instead
  • info window can't be scrolled or zoomed
  • use spacebar menu, add circle, and cancel action: blender is in edit mode with an empty object
  • intersect option is unstable and sometimes crashes blender
  • plugins don't work on BeOS
  • play back of audio in the audio window
  • game buttons aren't centered correctly vertically when selecting objects
  • add editing option in oops window
  • add visualizing TX ObData in oops windows
  • a color picker for selecting colors from any window
  • add cursor and snap menu to Image window
  • the Unified Render button isn't saved in the file
  • make scaling along one axis possible in proportional editing tool (
  • remove need to write .B.blend and .Bfont
  • make mmap() in imbuf fall through to malloc / read
  • remove all references to sizes in pixels: shadow softness, star size, edge render, texture filtersize
  • Merge Lamp buttons and Material buttons (both F5 button, same icon)
  • use // for network path's and replace current // implementation with ./

    --- minor bugs
  • realtime lighting incorrect on mirrored objects
  • packed animations aren't rendered correctly. The animated texture code relies on filenames and file pointers and should be rewritten to handle texture files in memory
  • "Fh" system doesn't allow rotations of sector/props other than Z-rotations
  • Delta Ipo's don't work
  • export of UV coordinates in VRML is not 100% correct (triangles).
  • (glut related!) 000815-01-render-3dwindow.blend produces incorrect first image on IRIX machines
  • the image window (SHIFT-F10) doesn't allow zoom factors < 1.0 . This causes problems with images larger than the screen
  • 000817-01-erase-latice-displaylist.blend objects are not drawn correctly after lattice has been removed
  • The time in the x-axis of the sound-ed isn't refreshed when you change Frs/sec from the DisplayWindows. (In seq-ed this works)
  • blender should ignore button events which occur during drawing a menu (see: < > for details)
  • game engine doesn't use input queue. On slow systems events get lost
  • animated background menu doesn't work on linux (000825-02-linux-animated-background.blend)
  • track-to doesn't take object rotations into account (000829-02-track-to.blend)
  • menu buffer overflow from within python (000830-01-python-menu-overflow.blend)
  • toggle buttons in python toggle twice (000830-02-python-toggle-button.blend)
  • blender only renders first image when 'Do sequence' is activated (000901-01-do-sequence-anim.blend)
  • complex hierarchies are drawn incorrectly (000901-02-ika-pivot-point.blend)
  • blender crashes when changing desktops in 'Reflection Virtual Desktop' and js pager virtual desktop
  • blender crashes in play mode on library objects (000905-01-library-object-sca-crash.blend)
  • selected metaballs are not always converted (000905-02-convert-metaball.blend)
  • renaming metaballs doesn't update displaylists (000905-02-convert-metaball.blend)
  • redraw quirks on windows with TNT2 card (000906-01-frame-counter-windows.blend)
  • blender -W under windows with TNT2 card doesn't open render window
  • blender enters subloops and doesn't handle screendump (CTRL-F3) key (000919-01-no-screendump.blend)
  • floating point or OpenGL inaccuracies (000919-02-floating-point-problems.blend)
  • spot halo lighting in potato mode isn't recalculated for non-textured objects (000919-03-spot-lighting.blend)
  • blender on Irix somtimes locks up because of windows path (000919-04-unix-windows-lock-up.blend)
  • performing border select in image window corrupts selection buffer (000920-01-border-and-faceselect.blend)
  • erasing objects with properties can crash blender in play mode (000921-01-erased-objects-crash.blend)
  • alpha textured planes are drawn in random order
  • added objects are sometimes added at the wrong location (000921-02-added-objects-wrong-location.blend)
  • offset between parent and child is not corrected when centre new is used (000926-01-centre-new.blend)
  • uv texture coordinate calculations are inaccurate (000927-01-uv-texture-wrap.blend)
  • blender crashes sometimes when deleting 'edges and faces' (000928-01-edges-and-faces.blend)
  • uv texture coordinates in repeated textures are wrong (000929-01-repeat-texture.blend)
  • blender on FreeBSD 4.0 uses 100 % CPU when idle
  • adding an object during game play for every frame produces undesired effects (001017-01-add-object.blend)
  • reflections are rendered incorrectly (001017-02-reflection-texture.blend)
  • ika's aren't always recalulated correctly (001017-03-ika-redraw.blend)
  • rotation of a slow parent modifies scaling of child (001002-01-slow-parent.blend)
  • blender windows doesn't support shift-numpad-[137] wich give opposite views on other platforms
  • Alt-G doesn't reset the location anymore
  • environment maps aren't always rendered when needed (001018-01-environment-map-active-layer.blend)
  • clipping in texture combined with sizing in material doesn't produce correct results (001018-01-environment-map-active-layer.blend)
  • when spinning an object in editmode, the last step doesn't always match with the original (001019-01-spin-accumulates-error.blend)
  • actors are drawn twice in realtime mode (001019-02-actor-drawn-twice.blend)
  • alpha textured realtime objects aren't drawn in correct order (001019-03-drawing-order.blend)
  • blender ignores ^C on unix systems
  • animated textures don't work correctly for other sizes than 4x4
  • halos get rendered incorrectly when Xparts / Yparts are used (001024-01-halo-parts.blend)
  • objects with drawtype Solid and TexFace dont get drawn in potato mode (001027-02-solid-texface-potato.blend)
  • adding a texture while camera is selected adds unused texture
  • solid shading changes after doing a face select (001116-01-shaded-view-faceselect.blend)
  • when blender is started with 'blender foo.blend' typing // gets expanded to foo.blend/
  • don't replace //foo.jpg to full name in fileselect
  • blender crashes while rendering a material with TexFace enabled (001123-01-render-texface-crash.blend)
  • blender crashes while trying to display error message during fileread (001128-01-missing-lib-crash.blend)
  • appending data calls all_local(). Existing linked data is localized as well < > point # 2
  • blender crashes with paticle system when keys: is set to 1 (001128-02-particle-keys-crash.blend)
  • particles combined with IKA's or lattices don't produce correct results in all situations (001213-01-particle-lattice.blend)
  • blender crashes when trying to add an object when the 3D cursor is at an invalid location (001213-02-missing-3d-cursor.blend)
  • tooltip 'frequency of pulse in 1/50 secs' should read 'period of pulse in 1/50 secs'
  • writing avi's sometimes crashes when border and crop are selected (001208-01-avi-crop.blend)
  • blender crashes while displaying old rendered image (001221-03-no-camera-crash.blend)

    --- improvements
  • by default enable Ztransp in new materials. Possibly make an optimization for alpha = 255.

    --- hardware problems
  • realtime textures (potato mode) on BeOS 4.5 are drawn incorrect (BeOS error!)

    --- unconfirmed
  • problems with playing sound on NT
  • Blender needs msvcrt.dll to run, on Windows 95 this dll is missing
  • redraws are not correct (raising and lowering windows) on sgi-6.2-elan

  • Feedback
    gdi12 2001 01 08
    this is very good
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    great work
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    Test1234566 2000 12 27
    What is this?

    Stonzy 2000 12 26
    upps...something wrong with my posting...sorry you all guys...
    Stonzy 2000 12 26
    hm, not good for me at a blue screen and the first time i got wrong refresh i couldn´t see a thing .... :( have a TNT 2 Ultra and win98...lots of ram too, 256 mb...
    Stonzy 2000 12 26
    hm, not good for me at a blue screen and the first time i got wrong refresh i couldn´t see a thing .... :( have a TNT 2 Ultra and win98...lots of ram too, 256 mb...
    daeris 2000 12 25
    I read on the Q&A discussion board something to the effect that Python scripts will be useless in Blender 2.10? But you talk here like you are still utilizing Python? I am confused.
    josemor 2000 12 23
    This is a very hard work, Congratulations to all Blender Team. Wants to be grateful for NAN-Blender by this magnified Software, And by belonging to this community.
    As told it in some occasion, Blender is the inexhaustible fountain of it Creativity.

    Merry Christmas

    Erwin 2000 12 23
    good comment firebrand,
    the new gameengine features graphics,input and sound independency, and we are already evaluating SDL for a standalone gameplayer.
    >Have you ever considered using SDL (Simple >Direct-Media Layer/ for graphics, >input and sound?
    Toonami_fan 2000 12 22
    I love you guys!!!
    You all have a Merry Christmas!
    Get Drunk, Have fun, Do whatever YOU EARNED IT!!
    Now I want to get all of you a Present!

    Mad-Sci 2000 12 22
    Great job guys. You performed as you said you would and got 2.1 out before Christmas. Keep up the great work!

    I am looking forward to using it.
    -Dereck G.
    Frank 2000 12 22
    > Thanx alot BlendaClaus!

    LoL !

    fish 2000 12 22
    Thanx alot BlendaClaus!

    The best christmas present ever!..

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    nice present guys, pretty cool.
    The best present. :-D
    firebrand 2000 12 22
    Have you ever considered using SDL (Simple Direct-Media Layer) for graphics, input and sound? <a href="" target="top"> SDL Website </a> I think it is a very good library, and you can actually use the same code for Win32, Linux, Mac, and BeOS (among others.) However, I see you have already done things the hard way, and rebuilding Blender on this new lib would be a big pain... I really think it would resolve a lot of future issues of cross platform support, though!

    Just a thought! (=
    Angel7 2000 12 22
    aaahh no smileys :P

    BTW: Happy Christmas and new year guys
    Angel7 2000 12 22
    Brilliant... Im so very happy to see this release.
    BRILLIANT [evil]

    Thanks Guys [smile]
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