Wave Effect

The Wave Effect adds a animated Wave to a Mesh. It is not limited to flat objects but can also be used to make a sphere 'wobble'.

The Wave Effect can be accessed from the AnimButtons, F7 while the mesh is active. Choose 'NEW Effect' and change it with the MenuButton to 'Wave'.

[images/WavePanel.tga] The Wave Effect Buttons

Per default you have then a XY Wave on your Object. With the Buttons X and Y you can enable or disable the wave generation for an axis, look at the image below for the three basic effects. The Button "Cycl" makes the generation cyclic in the animation.

[images/WaveEffect.tga] The three basic Wave Effects (X,Y and XY)

It is also possible to stack more than one wave effect on one Mesh, so very complex wave patterns can be generated. With the other parameters you can adjust the wave further:

Sta X, Sta Y [NumBut]

Starting Position of the Wave

Speed [NumSli]

Speed the Wave travels, can also be negative.

Height [NumSli]

Amplitude of the Wave.

Width [NumSli]

Witdth of the wave (wavelenght)

Narrow [NumSli]

How narrow the next wave follows.

Time Sta [NumBut]

When (in frames of the animation) the wave generation should start.

Lifetime [NumBut]

How long (in frames) a wave exists

Damptime [NumBut]

How many frames the wave schould extenuate.