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[section]The Textwindow

The Textwindow is a simple but useful Texteditor, fully integrated into Blender. The main purpose of it is to write Python scripts, but it is also very useful to write comments in the Blendfile or to instruct other users the purpose of the scene.


The TextWindow can be displayed with SHIFT-F11 or with adjusting the the IconMenu in the Windowheader. As usual there is an IconBut to make the TextWindow fullscreen, the next MenuButton can be used to switch between the textfiles, open new ones or adding new text buffers. The x-shaped Button deletes a textbuffer after a confirmation.

With the right MenuButton you can change the font for displaying the text.

With LeftMouse-Hold and dragging the mouse you can mark ranges of text for the usual cut, copy & paste functions. The keycommands are:


Copy the marked text into a buffer


Cut out the marked text into a buffer


Paste the text from buffer to the cursor in the textwindow


Saves the text as a textfile, a FileWindow appears


Loads a text, a FileWindow appears


Pops up the Filemenu for the TextWindow


Pops up a NumButton where you can specify a linenumber the cursor will jump to


Executes the text as a Python script


Unlimited Undo for the TextWindow


Redo function, recovers the last Undo


Mark the whole text