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[section]The ImageSelectWindow




[point]WindowType (IconMenu)

As with every window header, the first button allows you to set the type of window.

[point]Full Window (IconTog)

Maximise the window, or return to the previous window display size; return to the old screen setting. HotKey: (ALT-)CTRL+UPARROW


[point]Remove (IconBut)

Delete the ".Bpib" help file in the current directory. A new ".Bpib" is only created once the directory is read again.

[point]Dirview (IconTog)

Indicates whether the left part, where the directories are displayed, is shown.

[point]Info (IconTog)

Indicates whether the lower part, where information about the active picture is displayed, is shown.

[point]Images (IconTog)


[point]Magnify (IconTog)

The active picture is displayed twice as large.



In parts of the Blender interface where pictures can be loaded, you generally have the option of using a FileSelect window or the ImageSelect window. For the most part, the functionality is the same. The ImageSelect window reads the directory and examines each file to see if it is a recognisable image. After the entire directory is scanned, the images are loaded and displayed as a thumbnail and saved in the ".Bpib" file. If a ".Bpib" file already exists, it is first read in and compared to the contents of the directory.


[point]P (But)

Displays the parent directory. Also with: PKEY.

[point]DirName: (TextBut)

This button displays the current directory.

[point]Preset Directories (MenuBut)

The file $HOME/.Bfs contains a number of pre-sets that are shown in this menu. While a file is being read or written, the directory involved is temporarily added to the menu.

[point]FileName: (TextBut)

The file name can be entered here.


[point]Status Icons.

The different phases of ImageSelect: - Was a ".Bpib" file found? - Was the directory scanned completely? - Have all the pictures been read in?

[subsection]The mouse and HotKeys


Activate a file. The file name is placed in the FileName button.


Activate a file and return to the previous window type.


Select a file.


Close the ImageSelectWindow; return with a OK message. ESC Close the ImageSelectWindow; no action is performed.


Scroll down one page.


Scroll up one page.


Go to the parent directory.
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