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[section]The Animation playback window

To allow you to view sequential sequences of rendered frames or AVIs, Blender has a simple, but efficient animation playback option.

This playback is invoked with the "PLAY" button in the DisplayButtons. This button plays all of the numbered frames specified in the DisplayButtons->pics TextBut.

An alternative for starting the animation window is to type -a in the command line: blender -a . Blender first reads all the files in memory and then displays them as a flip book. Check in advance to make sure sufficient memory is available; you can see this with the FileWindow. Use ESCKEY to stop the reading process.

The commands available in the playback window are:


Close the window.


Start playback.


Stops the playback; if playback is already stopped, moves 1 frame back.


Stops the playback; if playback is already stopped, moves 1 frame forward.


Sets the playback at the first frame and switches 'cyclical' playback off. Pressing this key again turns cyclical playback on again and starts the playback at the beginning.

[point]PAD1 to PAD9

The playback speed. 60, 50, 30, 25, 20, 15, 12, 10 and 6 frames per second, respectively.

[point]LeftMouse (hold-move)

Move the mouse horizontally through the playback window to scroll through the frames.
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