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2002 01 25 
Bart Veldhuizen 
Many of you have asked us for a digital version of the Blender Tutorial Guide and we're pleased to announce the first volume today.

While making the decision to convert the printed guides to this digital format we were faced with restrictions, which come with distribution via the Internet. The documents had to be small enough to download, which forced us to split them up. Instead of making a division based on the original guides we thought it best to rearrange the content based on four subjects:

  • Beginners
  • Modeling
  • Animation
  • Materials, Lighting, Rendering

    Each PDF contains tutorials from both Tutorial Guide #1 and #2. Though this is less attractive for users already familiar with the printed guides, the division will make it easier for new users of Blender. We chose to do this in order to be able to cater them the information on a 'need to know basis', it will allow them to tackle their learning path in more manageable chunks.

    Not only did we convert them to PDF, we also managed to apply a new fresh design to them that prints excellently on both black&white and color printers. Many thanks must go to Samo Korosec [Xype] and Stefan Rasberger for this. Cool job, guys! (addition by Xype: could you please add a line saying that Stefan did the most work or so? I was just consulting.. :o) )

    We hope you will enjoy these PDFs, we think they are a valuable addition to the Blender library. For more information, please visit the Blender e-shop

    Have fun,

    The Blender Team

  • Feedback
    Cyberdiving 2002 02 06
    It's a good program but I have to know more about blender because I only know how to mesh but that's all so could some help me

    lionhawk 2002 02 05
    Quit your damn Whiiiiiiiiiiiining about the new version waiting to come out it's a good TUT
    Blink182 2002 02 05
    Blender 2.24 ZzzzzzzZ.......ZzzzzzzZ......ZzzzzzzZ
    UglyMike 2002 01 29
    Neat. Already have both paper Tut Guides. I'd sure like to see a PDF guide on armatures and animation with a bit of Subsurface modeling tips trown in (both are after all major changes since 1.8)!
    Telvin 2002 01 29
    I am assuming that you are updating all the tutorials. Some of those modeling and animation ones are pretty dated.
    ShOOOla 2002 01 27
    hmmmmm, can you make those screenshot examples a little bigger? hehe
    SimonK 2002 01 27
    Do they include example blend files?
    xRay 2002 01 26
    pretty cool! Wish that was available when I started in blender!
    baboontje 2002 01 26
    when will com blender 2.24
    zelda_2002 2002 01 26
    would be good to add some gameEngine tutorials
    baboontje 2002 01 25
    i waiting it's today January 25th and no blender 2.24
    (WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    bartrobinson 2002 01 25
    Yeah, just add a few on the the Game Engine, and an in depth Blender/Python reference guide and you're good to go.
    ShOOOla 2002 01 25
    yeah they are listening...surprised that they're not about the game engine; cool stuff nan!

    baboontje 2002 01 25
    i waiting for the blender 2.24
    plunneberg 2002 01 25
    I never bought those tutorials.. I just purchased this one and even though I know most of it already, It was a good buy because there were some small things that I didn't pick up in some of the other online tutorials. Good move NAN! See... Their listening! :)
    dre3d 2002 01 25
    Well waiting for the new ones.
    Keep it up NaN
    S_W 2002 01 25
    not bad!