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  haloParty   Let's start a haloParty!
2001 06 01 
Joeri Kassenaar 
Last night it was very hot and I couldn't get to sleep. What better than play with some Blender sensors/controllers/actuators? Quick simple result that looks cool (I think).

I'd love to see what you lot can come up with, so we can make one big visual-moving-painting. Keep it simple! Less is more. Then all we need is a Quit-Blender actuator to make a great screensaver!

Joeri BigWhale Kassenaar

(Hint: run Blender from the commandline as 'blender -W -g fixedtime haloParty.blend' for the best results)


Blender3d 2001 08 28
this is how you do that,
first press left ctr+downarow a few times.
than push left ctr+rightarow a few more times.
then it will open all the difrent windows up.
you can now see all the things it can do by looking in the diferent windows.
if you want more help just e-mail me at
Blender3d 2001 07 18
How do you do that?
A tutturel Please!!
hackmaster177 2001 06 12
Okay that was strange. How about a REALLY good tutorial on how to make that.
MaxyM 2001 06 12
Good Lord, this mpeg file (diditdoneit.mpg) is great, but surely to big (I just saw firs couple seconds, until that elevator-thing).
Do you have it in *.blend form, or is it copyrighted ?
vulkan2 2001 06 11
I can't get this thing to work...
I start the .bat and windows says Blender started an illegal operation and closes the program.

If I start it from the .blend file the same thing happend so I guess I'm missing a plugin? I don't know.
and Yes, I'm new.
taz 2001 06 09
the tute could explain step by step how do that and "explain" what is each thing, andthe screen-saver option too :)
gamingrat 2001 06 09
Does not work seems as if it crashed beacuse of the vertex there any possibility to disablem tehm from the command line? please write me a message!
BigWhale 2001 06 08
What I do when I'm serious?
MaxyM 2001 06 08
Hmmm, you was bored, so you played for a while! ;)

And what do you do when doing something fore real? Creating new version of Blender :)))
Or when you get really mad about working. I shouldn't even think of it. He, he, he.

Good work (excelent, indeed) we woudln't complaint to see some kind of tutorial about it.

paradox 2001 06 08
This is great. I love working with halos and particle effects.
Star_Liea2000 2001 06 07
I just got Blender today,but so far its real awsome,Im thinking about buying the manual.
Can you add blender creations to real-life movie recordings?????????
BigWhale 2001 06 06
Hi Guys, a tuto hee? What should the tuto explain?
Test1234566 2001 06 05
Wow, nice, kosbasit (:-) svo)
Mythril 2001 06 05
nazier 2001 06 05
i'd have to agree with alot of the others here...a tut would be real nice! :)
Millhouse 2001 06 04
I needed a new scr for me computer windows scrs are as dull as ditch water, plus this is a more organic scr than most
taz 2001 06 04
please a tutorias about this and how use as screen saver, tanks
taz [smile]
B@rt 2001 06 03
calli - I'm not sure this works under Win2k. The screensaver preview works fine for me, but otherwise Blender is not started... I'll keep experimenting :-)
calli 2001 06 03
Thanks B@rt! I was looking for that for ages!

Fungus 2001 06 03
A tut will kick butt
B@rt 2001 06 03
Download ScreenRun for windows to start the .bat file as a screensaver (and add the Python quit controller that Carsten suggested - connect it to a keyboard and mouse input that uses 'all keys' or 'trigger on movement')
Eilonwy 2001 06 02
I like it a lot -- just wish I could run it faster than 10 FPS on this machine! ;)
calli 2001 06 02
Exit actuator: Use a import sys; sys.exit() Python controller ;-)

Ren 2001 06 02
I wish I had such hot nights
mono 2001 06 02
whoa! tutorial please!
Catlover84 2001 06 02
It's cool.
ViperCA 2001 06 02
nice, you should write a tutorial on this!
theeth 2001 06 02
I love it!

Quite psychedelic!
mar_ning_2000 2001 06 02
Very Cool
Toonami_fan 2001 06 02

scottishpig 2001 06 01
I wish I thought of that!
svo 2001 06 01
in russian i would call that Kolbasa (:
Irakli 2001 06 01
man, that looks like some seriously trippy sh*t!
cool...pic looks like red blood Its just optical effects gone mad!
easy dude..there are solutions to these problems...
Freid 2001 06 01
I like it, GO TEAM !
ps: I want to drink the same beer man !
iMyst 2001 06 01
haloParty? Sure-downloading NOW! Cool, man-where are pictures? -iMyst Oh, wait, never mind. -iMyst
Kib_Tph 2001 06 01
yeah cool, screensaver, hmm nice idea
Jim14 2001 06 01
Looks cool man.