Boolean operations

The boolean operations will work for all objects but is really intended for use with solid closed objects with a well defined interior and exterior region. In the case of open objects the interior is defined in a rather mathematical way by extending the boundary faces of the object off into infinity. So results may be unexpected for these objects. A boolean operation never affects the original operands, the result is always a new blender object.

Boolean operations are invoked by selecting two meshes and pressing WKEY. There are three types of boolean operations to choose from in the popup menu, Intersect, Union and Difference

The boolean operations also take Materials and UV-Textures into account, producing objects with material indices or multi UV-mapped objects.

Figure 47. Options for boolean operations

Lets consider the object of Figure 47.

Figure 48 shows the results of the three operations.

Figure 48. Resulting objects, original top, intersect, union, difference

This functionality is still under heavy development. To make it possible for you to use this functions for your work we list here the current limitations:

Known problems of the Boolean Operations